At L2 Aviation for my second internship, I did a lot of work converting L2’s existing Boeing 767 Large Display System (LDS) kit to work in 757 aircraft for UPS.

A brand new FedEx 767 with the LDS avionics

As UPS’s fleet of 757 aircraft is a mashup of aircraft from different years and sources, my job was to redesign this kit to be universal across their fleet. This required lots of digging through aircraft documentation and communication with UPS maintenance directly.

In this effort, I redesigned a lot of parts and created new manufacturing drawings for them. A lot of the older drawings were done in AutoCAD and had mistakes, so these were converted to 3D models and re-drafted. I also made many instructional installation drawings as well, showing how and where to install parts in the aircraft.

I also made the 3D renderings that were shared for advertising