At Collins Aerospace, I mostly worked on a team that developed the Fusion Flight Management System for military customers. This went into aircraft such as the Embraer KC-390 and Airbus C-295. On this team, I contributed to all parts of the engineering “V”, including requirements and traceability, writing unit and integration tests, and actual flight software written in Ada. All of this fell under DO-178B certification requirements.

Me taking a tour of the company jet with ProLine Fusion avionics installed

Towards the end of my co-op, I worked directly under a principal engineer on the KC-46 Remote Vision System.

An example of two operators controlling the air-to-air refueling boom

This system allows operators to control the air-to-air refueling boom of the KC-46 while sitting comfortably at the front of the aircraft with more situational awareness. The operators wear 3D glasses with the primary display being 3D to get depth perception.

I was able to build a small mockup of this system in our lab with 2 Logitech joysticks, a desktop 5-axis robot, and some Python code. This proved invaluable for small-scale tests without needing to use the facilities at the Air Force Research Lab.

Finally, at the end of my co-op, I co-invented a system with the aforementioned principal engineer to facilitate the calibration of two stereoscopic cameras by using a single laser projected on a surface. This was awarded as patent US11360375B1. I wrote the original description of the invention and prepared all the diagrams when it was originally submitted internally for review.

A selection of images from patent US11360375B1