TRU Simulation TRU Simulation

  • Researched alternative software to generate large certification documents and developed a proof-of-concept in LaTeX for greater engineering efficiency
  • Performed systems tests of a new Citation Latitude simulator before and during customer acceptance to ensure the simulator correctly replicated the behavior of the real aircraft
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Collins Aerospace Collins Aerospace

  • Collaborated on a diverse Agile scrum team as part of the software design process for Military Avionics Fusion Flight Management Systems
  • Developed and maintained tests for Ada avionics software to ensure DO-178B certification conformity
  • Worked with requirements and traceability from high-level system functionality down to software code
  • Prototyped improvements to the KC-46 Remote Vision System, including developing a working air-to-air refueling scale model with a 5-axis robot
  • Co-invented a laser projection system to calibrate stereoscopic cameras (US11360375B1)
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