Unfortunately, this internship was shortened to only 6 weeks due to COVID. While I was there, a new Cessna Citation Latitude simulator was being finished. I ran through all of the manual test procedures that had been prepared and identified issues in the software and tests. This was to make sure there would be no surprises once representatives from the customer arrived to perform the same tests and ensure that the simulator correctly replicated the behavior of the real aircraft.

Once the flight instructors from the customer arrived to inspect the simulator, I went through the test procedures with them and recorded their feedback.

Not long after my internship, the Citation Latitude simulator was successfully delivered to FlightSafety International in Farnborough:


Finally, I also researched an alternative for TRU’s homegrown certification document generator. The challenges associated with this were the need to combine many PDF files, tables, charts, and other images into a single PDF, add a header and page number to every page, and create a table of contents. I was able to create a proof-of-concept replacement that met these needs with LaTeX.

A similar Cessna Citation Latitude simulator from the exterior