My first summer at L2 Aviation was primarily focused on programming. I developed a tool in VBA using the AutoDesk Inventor API that could automatically generate a bill of materials (BOM). The structure used at L2 was quite complicated, and the normal built-in tools could not facilitate their format. This tool also added a lot of error checking, and support for more niche features, like automatically including an extra 10% quantity of small, easy-to-lose components. BOMs used to be generated by hand by engineers and this tool made it automatic and under 5 minutes. After my experience with this, I was able to develop a small handful of other automation tools for AutoDesk Inventor with VBA.

I also worked on an internal wiring management tool that was written in Python, utilized Qt, and was backed by a Microsoft SQL Server.

Additionally, I was tasked with setting up and configuring their new AutoDesk Vault server. I created all the workflows, set all the policies and got everything organized. This was very helpful, as I utilized this a lot in my next summer there.